Creating a myth free bong by debunking one tale at a time

The word bong comes from the Thai word “bang,” for a bamboo tube utilized to part in weed. Bongs, which you may likewise be aware of by shoptalk terms like bubbler, binger, or billy, are water pipes used to smoke weed. They’ve been around for a long time.

The present best bongs look much more chaotic than a straightforward bamboo tube, yet they generally boil down to a similar fundamental interaction. Peruse on to more deeply study how bongs work and why, despite the legend, they aren’t preferable for your lungs over other smoking techniques.

How would they function?

Bongs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are exceptionally essential with simply a bowl and chamber. Others are beautiful, mouth-blown masterpieces. Toward the day’s end, they all do precisely the same thing: channel and cool the smoke from the consuming Maryjane.

Bongs, by and significant element a little bowl that holds dried weed. At the point when you light the weed, it combusts. In the interim, as you breathe in, the water in the lower part of the best bongs air pockets or permeates to get specialized. The smoke ascends through the water and the chamber before entering your mouth and lungs.

Is it safe to say that they are genuinely better for your lungs?

Assuming you’re searching for a smoother toke, a bong will give you simply that contrasted with partaking in weed moved in the paper. True to form, the water in a bong kills the dry hotness you get from a joint. The impact is frequently portrayed as being more relaxed, rich, and smooth than cruel.

However, can this impact be misdirected?

While the smoother smoke could feel significantly improved on your lungs, you’re smoking. Also, that smoke is yet topping off your lungs (we’ll save the talk on why this is generally terrible information for your wellbeing).

Of course, a limited quantity of the awful stuff could get sifted through. Yet, making a big deal about a difference’s sufficiently not. Indeed, this implies that many tales about bongs being the “more secure” method for smoking are generally founded on garbage science. To this point, bong security has been falling short on the rundown of needs regarding the clinical examination. However, as pot becomes legitimate in more regions, this could change.


A bong can cool and channel smoke to give you a smoother toke that feels friendlier than whatever you get from a moved jointly. However, it’s not shielding you from the well-being dangers of smoking. Assuming you’ve been routinely utilizing a bong, it might be an ideal opportunity to place decent blossoms in it and pass on it to resign on a shelf.