Exploring The World Of Shipping Containers: Types And Sizes

Shipping containers are the backbone of international trade and logistics, facilitating the transportation of goods across the globe. Among the various types of shipping containers available in the market, shipping containers are gaining popularity due to their superior quality, durability, and flexibility. In this article, we will explore the different types of SCF shipping containers available and their sizes to help you choose the right one for your shipping needs.

Types of Shipping Containers:

  1. Dry Containers: Dry containers are the most common type of shipping containers used for transporting non-perishable goods. These containers are made of steel and come in different sizes ranging from 10 feet to 40 feet. The standard sizes are 20 feet and 40 feet, and they have a width of 8 feet and a height of 8.5 feet. Dry containers are versatile and can be customized to suit specific shipping requirements, such as adding ventilation, insulation, or refrigeration.
  2. Reefer Containers: Reefer containers, also known as refrigerated containers, are designed to transport perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, meat, and pharmaceuticals. These containers have an in-built refrigeration system that can maintain the temperature inside the container between -30°C to +30°C, depending on the cargo’s requirements.
  3. Open Top Containers: Open top containers are used for shipping goods that are too tall to fit in a standard container. These containers have a removable top made of tarpaulin or a hardtop roof that can be lifted off to load and unload the cargo.
  4. Flat Rack Containers: Flat rack containers are used for shipping cargo that cannot fit in a standard container due to its shape or size. These containers have collapsible sides that can be folded down to create a flat surface for loading and unloading the cargo. Flat rack containers come in different sizes, including 20 feet and 40 feet, and are commonly used for shipping heavy machinery, oversized vehicles, and construction materials.

Sizes of Shipping Containers:

Shipping containers come in different sizes, and choosing the right size for your cargo is essential to ensure efficient and cost-effective shipping. The standard sizes of SCF shipping containers are:

  • 10 feet container: 10 feet x 8 feet x 8.5 feet (L x W x H)
  • 20 feet container: 20 feet x 8 feet x 8.5 feet (L x W x H)
  • 40 feet container: 40 feet x 8 feet x 8.5 feet (L x W x H)
  • 45 feet container: 45 feet x 8 feet x 9.6 feet (L x W x H)

The 20 feet and 40 feet containers are the most common sizes used for international shipping, while the 10 feet and 45 feet containers are less commonly used.