Sardar is a 2022 Indian Tamil-Language Spy Action Film

If you are a fan of Tamil spy action movies, you must find a reputed OTT streaming platform from where you can watch the best Tamil action movies. One of the latest Tamil spy action movies is Sardar, which you can watch on a reputed OTT site like aha.

The director of this Tamil movie is P.S Mithran, and it is one of the best Tamil movies 2022 that you can watch on the best streaming platforms. You can learn more about this Tamil movie, including the cast and story, in the guide provided below.

Sardar the Movie

Sardar is one of the latest Tamil spy action movies you can watch on a reputed OTT streaming platform like aha. The director of this movie is P.S Mithran, and the movie’s cast includes Karthi, Raashi Khanna, Rajisha Vijayan and many more. The producer is S. Lakshman Kumar, and the editor is Ruben. This movie has actor Karthi in the leading role and many action scenes.

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The Story

Vijay, played by Karthi, is a cop who always looks to give his best and the police department is also happy with his efforts. He falls in love with lawyer Shalini played by Raashi Khanna, and is looking for much larger goals in life. During this time, a huge project named One Line One Pipe is planned in the country, and some RAW agents want this project to be stopped.

As they are left with no choice, they bring Sardaar to action to deal with the situation. Who is Sardaar? What is the connection between Sardaar and Vijay? What is the project all about? Watch Sardar, one of the latest Tamil movies, 2022 on aha, to learn all these answers.

What Are Some Good Things About This Movie?

There are many impressive things that you can find in this Tamil movie, and Karthi is the most impressive actor who gets better with every movie. He plays a double role in this movie and nails both roles properly, which is cool. You will see him in different outfits in the movie, and he uses unique body language for each of these outfits.

Raashi Khanna also plays her role well and provides ample support to Karthi (both look good on the screen together). You can also see Yesteryear’s actress Laila in a lead role, and it is good to see her after a long gap. Chunkey Pandey also plays an essential character in this movie, and his role is lethal in this Tamil movie.

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